Primarily used for indoor construction of all types of cabinets and closets, including wall closets, kitchen cabinets and more.

Plywood is made up of layered panels that are glued layer upon layer with their grains running perpendicularly to each other. The quality of the plywood is determined both by the quality of the wood, the number of layers and their thickness, and from the quality of the glue.

The more layers there are (like with Finnish Birch) and the better the quality of the wood (birch or okoume) the higher the achieved quality of the plywood.

Several types of plywood exist including birch, okoume, twin (pine) and poplar.

The Finnish birch and okoume are produced in Israel and are of the highest quality.

The birch used is more expensive because it is rarer and comes from Europe (where it is relatively expensive).

The okoume is more common and comes from Africa (where it is relatively cheap).